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How's everyone doing given the current world conditions? These past few weeks, as much as I wanted to share some of the latest progress of renovation projects and other inspiring decor/fashion posts, I was just not motivated. Much like the majority of people, I’ve been disheartened and distressed by all the endless barrage of horrific things happening all around us. I've been feeling numb, emotionally drained and low for a while, which made me feel uneasy to talk about the few and far between happy moments of life such as, house renovations and new door knobs - amidst hurricane disasters, destructive wild fires, and senseless massacres. Hard though it may be, it’s important to get up and carry on by focusing on the little positive morsels that life does give us here and there, so as to avoid giving completely in to despondency. Besides, focusing on all the negative noise, only makes you feel afflicted and every day starts to appear bad, or gloomy. Sadness is the worst kind of grave, because it buries one alive. In an effort to fight the darkness and shift the mind a bit, below are several interior decor accent details that's on my current shopping list for a couple areas of the house : Mirrors for the master bathroom, rugs, runners and a pair of comfy lounge chairs for the living room (I'm madly in love with this one), and pretty planters.  

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Pretty delicate undies are among those simple fashion essentials that have the most impact on boosting one’s confidence than most would think. Let’s be honest, the way we look often translates to the way we feel, and we all know that starts with great undergarments. But of course, that means choosing the right underwear without necessarily having to shell out some hard-earned dough on expensive panties. I’m a believer in that now because of Bootay Bag. For years, I’ve spent a hefty amount of money on beautifully intricate undies, only to be left extremely dissatisfied with their poor quality that doesn’t even last through one wash. That’s why I’m so glad I came across Bootay Bag. This brand has reminded me that you can’t always judge the quality of things based on price, because the quality of their underwear trumps most of my expensive undies sitting in my underwear drawer that I would not want to be caught in a giant gust of wind in. Yet, their inexpensively priced underwear isn’t only of great quality, they are pretty, make you feel sexy and their nonbinding edges follow the natural curves of your body – resulting in no panty lines. These panties so far make for the perfect everyday underwear. 


What’s even nicer about this $12 monthly underwear subscription for 2 beautiful pieces: one) you can pick what type of undies you’d prefer thong/no thong, or a mix it up bag and they send you colors with the current season in mind. Two) you get to add new pretty, comfy undies to your closet every month conveniently delivered right to your door. And you know how they say, “There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving”? Well, with every package you’re not only receiving but you’re also giving because they donate $1 to Melanoma foundation. Don’t you love a company that thinks of others! 

* While this is a sponsored post, the opinions expressed herein are my own.