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Everyone has a story-I will listen to your story-Readers Voice Series-Speak Up
The implication of these three simple little words “I hear you,” is one of the most important and valued phrases to me. They imply a deeper meaning beyond the simple act of hearing. It’s the ultimate sentence as it refers to true understanding coupled with empathy. It’s a way to reassure someone they’re being listened to, that their feelings matter, and their voice is heard. That’s why I value the meaning of this phrase so much, especially living in an age where selfishness is highly promoted, robbing us of the ability to develop proper empathy. As a result, we do not listen to understand. We listen to reply.
Not being heard or someone talking right over you while you’re speaking is one of those things/pet peeves that make me the saddest and angry. I often think, how many lives could possibly be saved, if only we could give someone a little bit of our time by hearing them out. Especially, in this social media crazed world where reality is overly distorted, causing some to feel miserable about their own accomplishments or perceived ‘lack thereof.’
Personally, knowing what it feels like for someone to utter those three-sweet-little-rare-words, “I hear you,” has always made me conscientious in creating a friendly environment for those in my life who need the emotional support to be able to open up and express themselves in conversation. That one conversation could be a turning point in someone’s life. For this reason, one of my resolutions this year is to finally create that exploratory space I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years now. I’m one that’s all about inclusion, not exclusion, and knowing that everyone has a story that needs to be heard, I want to let everyone of you my dear readers know I will listen to your story.
This new Readers Voice series is meant to allow others the opportunity to share their stories and be heard, especially those who might feel left out, or invisible in the world. So, don’t be shy about writing in with your story. It could be humorous, heartbreaking, a decorating question, tips on anything, or someone you admire and want to thank and see them featured. 

Simply email me at, and I’ll pick one story to feature each week.

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