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Happy March! For some reason, January gave me this sense that maybe the year was going to unroll at a much slower pace than the previous years, but here we are already in March. How has the year been treating you thus far? It’s finally hitting me that Spring is lurking around the corner and I need to start thinking about getting the few remaining accessories and some more plants to finish our front courtyard so we can have it ready right on time for the start of the season. That way, we can get to spend more time outside enjoying the refreshing, breezy Spring air while taking in the show that our vines put on for the season, which sends the birds into a chanting, frenzied celebration along with their counterparts, the hummingbirds buzzing around. I’ll be sharing the before and after of the front courtyard transformation as we start the project, so be on the lookout for that. What are you up to this weekend? 

In the meantime, here are my Five Things Friday links and a quote that caught my attention this week.

1. Swooning over Kylie Jenner’s pink glam room along with all photographs of all my favorite Hollywood ladies.  

2. Speaking of Spring on the horizon, these UO whimsical colorful, fun pillows have me feeling all cheery.

3. Proof that things have not really changed since the 1950s. It’s even felt on a social media platform like, Instagram...

4. In view of the aforementioned, you can understand why a man like Sydney Poitier felt the weight of representing 15 - 18 million people with every move he made. 

5. I start each day/week with a quote that gives me the right dose of a pep talk that I need to keep motivated, and I keep it right in front of me on my console in my home office. I figured I’d share this week’s quote just in case you too, may need to hear the same words. Here’s what it says: “We are each gifted IN A UNIQUE and important way. It is our privilege and our adventure TO DISCOVER our own special light.” 


 {A peek back at Oscars 2019 cocktail table scene;-}


 {A girlfriends' night out shopping excursion after happy hour}


 {Any arrangement of pretty displays of home fragrance and candles make sooo happy}

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