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I believe looking good starts with feeling good. There’s nothing worse than looking good on the outside but feeling yucky on the inside. There have been so many times people would say to me, “you look so nice... you look really good.” Yet, on the inside, I'd be on the verge of bursting into tears either about a nostalgic memory, something that had just happened, 'that' time of the month, feeling homesick or my mind being held captive by some impostor thoughts. Add to all of that, are the craziest encounters that seem to be the new norm for me these days. That’s why when I tend to go quiet (besides being on vacation) with posting and sharing what I love, it isn’t because I’m short on content, it's usually due to being down and out and trying to work on boosting myself back up. That way, when I post a pic with me smiling, you know it is really genuine and not just for the sake of the post. To me, doing something like that would make me feel like a fraud. As an honest realist, it makes it nearly impossible for me to live in a world of make-believe... pretending that things are fine when they are not. It's not part of my makeup. For that reason, I feel it’s important to confront what’s going inside our heads first, instead of solely focusing on the outward appearance.




looking good starts with feeling good-how-to-red-fendi-jacket-blazer-leather-skirt-stevemadden-floral-brocade-bag-heels-red-pumps-desert-photoshoot

Granted, there are days I wake up feeling blah but then get a mood boost with a great outfit. However, that isn’t always the case. For a lot of us, it’s an ongoing blurry mess of negativity going on inside our heads. For most, it’s easier to dodge inner change, because the fear of tackling such issues can feel paralyzing and it’s just easier to bury oneself in the shallow things of life. The truth is that no matter how much you shy away from working on those negative thoughts, clearing our minds from the negativity plays a big role in achieving our goals and plays out on our faces every day.  

The question is HOW does one make that mental shift? By taking baby steps. I love this adage: “You cannot scale a mountain in a single step; however, you can take on the challenge one step at a time.” The same is true of most obstacles we face, no matter how mountainlike they might seem to be. Whether it’s taking on a scary project or just trying something new. Right now, we can choose to make a change. We can decide to sharpen our focus on the inner person and start seeing the positive. You’ll only be pretty if you feel that way without the piling of makeup and pricey clothing. Not that I have anything against this. In fact, I get fascinated by watching women who have the patience to sit there and apply makeup layer by layer, like an artist that strategically applies paint on his canvas. I just feel when beauty has to do more with who you genuinely are on the inside as a person, and not with looks, it's more long-lasting and better for your well-being in the long run.

I’m also a believer in the inspirational quotable extract. When engraved upon the memory it creates a reservoir of good thoughts. It doesn’t matter the length, if it suggests a good idea, I pen it down and file it in its respective quote folder I’ve created on my computer. I even have different quotes framed and hung on my walls throughout my home that help me to refocus my thinking and/or remind me of my goals. As we know words are incredibly powerful, and thoughts are even more so. Along the pathway of my years, I have learned much from quotations and find they can profoundly affect one’s life. So, starting today, in an effort to clear the mind of negative thoughts, I plan on sharing quotes that offer a flash of insight that will help shift my thoughts and hopefully yours too, for the best. Look out for them in my instastories and on my Instagram. And if you've got some good ones that you love, please feel free to share them with me. 

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