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In a world of fast-paced days with ever-changing trends, demands and stress, it’s nice to know there’s a place you can go for constancy and respite – your home. I'm of the strong belief that in your residence, you should be surrounded only by furnishings and things that have special meaning to you. When your space is only filled with what you love, it helps to enrich your life and your inner state of well-being.


That's why I love a good DIY project, such as this one. It affords the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind piece that tells a story, something that can't be bought. For the longest time, I was looking for a small round top table for the corner next to our entryway bench, but couldn't find anything that perfectly fit in that little area. Then one day, I went into my garage and saw this old, neglected hurricane candle holder stand that had been sitting there in a corner collecting dust. It hadn't been shown any kind of love in a while. Then it dawned on me that the base is perfect to turn it into a small accent table. All I needed were two more things to realize my vision - a small gold vintage dish that I picked up at my local thrift store and epoxy glue.

Here’s how this quick transformation took place in just minutes. After a good dusting, I simply unscrewed the glass off the top of its base. Next, I screwed the round part where the candle sits back on, filled that with epoxy, centered the newfound round gold plate atop, and let it dry according to the glue's package direction. Within minutes I had a unique, one-of-a-kind addition that added just the right touch. 


What could be more fetching than this DIY two-tone tall small gold vintage top corner end table filled with my rotating weekly blooms to catch the eye? That's what I call romancing your home! 

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