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{Flower Friday pick of the week}

{Learning to take each day one step at a time}

Happy Friday! It’s been a hay fever sneezy week around here, which makes me look haggard, but on the positive side, the outdoor sofa we ordered for the front courtyard finally came! I’ve been working on this space in between other projects a little bit at a time. Everything these days seems to take an eternity to get done, don’t you think? Although we have been enjoying the space with what we’ve done so far, it still needed a few more things to bring it all together. And that’s part of what I’ll be working on this weekend. Can’t wait to debut this little corner of our home with all the before and after photos. It sure has become our favorite lounging spot for now before the dreadful heat of summer runs us out of there. Hahaha…

In the interim, here are my favorite random five things Friday links for this week:

1. On the topic of decorating the courtyard, I've been on the search of the perfect rug for out there. I haven’t found too many that speak to me, except for this one so far. I may or may not go for it.

2. The rattan bag trend seems like it's here to stay for a while. I was holding out from getting one since I felt that Instagram had enough "influencers" sporting the trend. That said, it's also one of those style bags to me that's synonymous with spring/summer and used to be my go-to style bag I'd sport in my late teens and early twenties - flooding my mind with so many memories. I can't think of a better bag that fits the bill than this sweet looking one. It's giving me heart eyes right now. 

3. Being a perfectionist is one of those attributes I feel many take pride in, including myself. I think because I don't view it in a negative light as some might do. I'm one who always aims for excellence. But, this Ted Talks podcast on the dangerous obsession with perfectionism in this day and age is one to listen to. It gave me a different viewpoint about that expression. 

4. Have you ever thought to check for travel information advisory, especially a country's political climate before traveling abroad? It's something that never crossed my mind until my hubby mentioned it to me recently. You get information down to the level of caution for each country. Something to think about.

5. I'm currently working on this mindset lately. How about yourself? What are you currently working on?

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