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I have always felt I was born in the wrong era. The older I get, and the less mannerly society is getting, I find myself craving more and more the old school glamour. Annually, the hubby and I escape to one of our beloved cities – Palm Springs for that dose of old school enchantment and bask in the Tinseltown allure the city still exudes. From the Old Hollywood history, mid-century modern architecture, the design elements, arts, and cultural scene, to the well-curated vintage shops just oozing with charm - this town never fails to whisk us back to the elegance of the bygone era that we so love. When you're there, you can’t help but smile, fondly thinking of the days of legends like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Sophia Loren, and so many other stylish starlets, including dapper fellers like, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Liberace. Be it the grainy sound of music playing on a record player echoing from nearby neighbor’s courtyards, the black and white movies, the wardrobe aesthetics of its residents, it’s the notion that life was at its best in that era and for some reason, that vibe is still as strong as it was in its golden days.

Making our rounds to our favorite vintage shops, visiting with the same owners yearly and enjoying fun conversations with them is one of the many things we look forward to yearly. But for us New Yorkers, one of the best highlights is reserving a cozy table for two for an intimate dinner at one of their jazz supper clubs while listening to acclaimed entertainers on the same stage where Sammy, Frank, Dean and their pals caroused celebrities in the 60s. It really is a town that never fails to reignite our soul and get us inspired by the beauty of life, time and again. We always return home with some great finds for our house and a vintage piece of clothing or two for my wardrobe, such as dresses that I imagine one of the ladies mentioned above would have donned on for a night out on the town. Wearing them can be truly transportive to that wonderful time.

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