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Ever since many years ago the hubby and I have become the traveling duo constantly on the go - whether it be road-tripping, driving across America (we’ve done it six times now through various routes), taking our pilgrimage spring break getaways, or jet setting off somewhere for our summer vacations. I decided to keep a separate traveling toiletry, beauty, and a health-conscious/emergency kit bag; ever at-the-ready to just grab and go, which makes packing on a dime a breeze and I never run the risk of forgetting the necessary things behind. 

As much as I appreciate writing lists, I find being prepared with the minutia of packing in advance frees up brain space to focus more on the fun part of traveling, like putting outfits together, anticipating the cities we’re going to explore, and of course what favorite meals and drinks we’re going to enjoy, instead of making lists and running around like a chicken with its head cut off trying to think of what key beauty products I can’t live without on vacation that would ruin my holiday if were forgotten. Especially this chick loves to take her beauty routine indulgence to an even greater level when on vacation, so I can come back to reality rejuvenated and the best version of myself. Since we’re preparing for our upcoming summer vacation in a month, I took an inventory several days ago to assure that I'm not missing anything. I thought I’d share my top toiletry travel bag items I always bring.

I may be a minimalist when it comes to makeup, but not when it comes to my facial care routine.  However, I still keep it simple. These are my must-haves to keep glowy and well-hydrated skin: Rose Micellar Cleansing Tonic to remove makeup and Mario Badescu Glycolic Foaming Cleanser to clean the skin. I then apply Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate for that summer glow (it smells divine too), and my latest under eye cream before face moisturizing with spf. Also, very important for me, are having pearly white teeth and well-lubricated eyes while on vacation to match that gleeful look and summer glowing skin in vacation photos. So, I keep Crest Whitening Strips and Genteal Eye Drops in my toiletry travel bag. And obviously toothbrush, toothpaste, Q-tipsfloss, and deodorantAt the end of the night after washing my makeup off, I love to use either one of these faves - dark spot correction solution and/or this overnight firming mask for my nighttime routine. I wake up with my face feeling smoother than a baby's bottom. Also,  another one of my favorite items I don't leave home without and even keep one in my car's console is this rose water facial mist for keeping hydrated throughout the day. It's such a great smelling refresher, especially during the warmer months.

One thing I don't skip even on vacation is my weekly body exfoliating routine down to the feet, so a pumice stone and a travel sized jar filled with whatever my latest most loved body scrub I'm using are also included. Who wants to come back from a vacation with dull skin and rough looking heels from all that exploring? Not me. I love to return feeling renewed, radiating rest and pure contentment. To combat dry skin, I bring along my go-to Eucerin rich body lotion or this great smelling, quick absorbing number one best body oil! Sometimes, it's not necessarily the most expensive "it" products that deliver. I love a Gillette Venus razor for several reasons - one, for its comfortable non-slip handle with moisture-rich strips that not only helps to give a close shave, but protects from nicks and cuts. And secondly, they come in one of my favorite colors - blush. {Insert hands in the air emoji here;-}. One tip, I learned years ago that changed my life is using hair conditioner as shaving cream. The bonus: you get a way closer shave that lasts a lot longer, smoother legs and one less thing to carry, plus saving a little bit of bag space and money from having to buy shaving cream. Win-win! A habit I've not given up since my high school days is spritzing my body with an after shower body mist. I just love the fresh and clean feeling it gives and definitely a good sunscreen.

Or the other option is you can just treat yourself to this 'much loved' complete eight-piece  or nine-piece self-care routine sets.

It's taken me a couple of frustrating decades before I got a handle on what worked on my extremely thin, fragile hair. And because of such, I take what I use in my hair extremely serious. Bringing along my own hair products are a necessity to keep these minimal strands in tip-top shape and under control. Thankfully, a while back I bottled up a couple of travel sized bottles with one of the best conditioner and shampoo that saved my hair many years ago and are now no longer available - Ojon except for this last one. I'm so bummed about it. I'm glad I always ordered them in multiple sets, so I'm good for a while. The two incredible products I would never blow dry my hair without are it's a miracle 10 leave-in and Nexxus heat protecting mist which gives my hair great sheen and keeps my strands healthy. I also always bring my lightweight one-step hair dryer and curling wand. I'll sometimes finish by running a small amount of this finishing oil through my ends. But the body oil previously mentioned can also be used in lieu of this.

Even after several years of not getting the salon UV gel manicure, my nails are still like paper mache thin. I now bring my own gel nail color and top coat to the nail salon. I can't tell you how much I love Essie gel polishes because they deliver the same nail salon gel manicure result with the ease of removing the polish without having to soak/file your nails off. I just wish they'd offer more color options, like in pretty metallic colors say. Normally, I get my mani-pedi done the day before I leave for my vacation and then travel with the shade (especially if it's an extended getaway past seven days) along with my travel manicure set that I put together, which includes cotton balls (hotels never give you enough), and a small travel size nail polish remover.

Naturally, there's one more thing you will never find any of my bags without and always packed with the largest cans I can find in my suitcase - Lysol. Which goes into my "Health Conscious Necessities Bag" category in my luggage that gets checked. Click here to read why. Also, you'll never find my purse without a version of these must-haves

How about yourself? What toiletry essentials won't you travel without?

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