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The starting point of our warm weather vacation season always begins with our annual spring break trip to Palm Springs. It’s a getaway that we're always itching to make by March of every year, after the long winter stretch of hubby’s extremely grueling tight busy work schedule. One way I make the most of our travels is to reminisce about them afterward. I love to take the downtime to go through the pictures and allow my mind to soak in the experiences all over again by reliving the memories, the learnings that I didn’t get to fully process while enjoying what’s happening in the moment of the journey. 


I didn't want to begin our summer vacation coming up swiftly in a couple of days without reliving the wonderful memories of this trip once again by documenting some of the moments captured in this Palm Springs Photo Diary post. I hope you’ll enjoy them just as much as I do.

One of the main highlights for me was the intimate dinner at the Purple Room, a throwback to that old-school supper club with live jazz music. I can easily flood this post with so many favorite shots but for the sake of inspiring and keeping this post brief, instead of boring you, I've decided to keep the photo sharing to a minimal here.


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