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Well, folks! We are halfway through the year already. This is the time that I like to stop to look back and reflect on some of the sweeter moments of the past six months just to help me not forget why I need to count my blessings given the recent conversation I had with my husband

This spring was probably one of our favorites for several reasons. For one, we had real springlike weather this year in our neck of the woods which seemed to have lasted well beyond what is normal compared with previous years. For that reason, we got to enjoy plenty of solitary, relaxing meditative time in our newly redone front courtyard as well as entertain friends out there, chatting up well into the cooler evenings. Secondly, we were able to revive an old tradition we once enjoyed years ago, which was going for tasty dollar oysters. This spring, one of the prettiest restaurants in town started a happy hour with dollar oysters all day, and the good ones to boot! Whoop! Thus, we resumed our old mid-week outing tradition break we so needed. I’m not going to lie, having that to look forward to again sure helps to make the start of each week a whole lot easier. Also, the pleasant weather seemed to encourage a couple of our friends to want to get together and go out to dine al fresco. All those life’s little moments surely made this spring special for us, as it helped us to slow down, and take a breath before the sweltering heat of summer runs us out of town to cooler pastures elsewhere (although this summer's vacation itinerary includes a lot of countries with hot temps).



We weren't ready to let go of the cooler breezy spring days just as yet, but as I'm going through these photos, it helps make saying so long to spring 2019 a little easier as it's now time to look forward to the new memories that will be made this summer and the rest of the year. 

Hope you all had a superb spring season. Until next springtime, wishing everyone a splendid summer! 

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