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The hubby and I love getting out of town and seize any and every opportunity we can to slip into a unique, one-of-a-kind exclusive boutique hotel for a change of pace and to unplug for a good mental reset. One thing about being self-employed is that it gets monotonous and lonely really quickly and if you’re not surrounded by family or good friends to break up that routine, it makes it even the more difficult. So, getting away as much as we can has become vital for us. One of our favorite ways to battle that rut is to stay at exclusive hotels that make us feel like we’re in faraway places where we’re treated with such love and care that it instantly gives us that jolt of rejuvenation. That's exactly what we did recently. To finish on a high note, we took one of the most memorable getaways for a great end to one eventful summer season before we buckle down at home for the rest of the year. It was the perfect respite we needed to boost our mood.




Venice was always one of the destinations at the top of our bucket list. When we were planning our summer getaway this year, we knew it had to be included in the schedule of places to visit, even if it was just to spend a day there. When it was 'officially' on our itinerary, I could not be more excited to get there! Visiting a city as distinctive as Venice was one of the most exciting parts of our adventures this summer.




Ironically, the year we decided to make our way back to Europe to travel to some of our always-wanted-to-visit places on our unofficial wish list, most of the country was experiencing one of the most uncharacteristically hottest sizzling summers in the history of man. Unlike many people who seek out beach destinations for the summer, we do the complete opposite; we flee and seek refuge in much cooler places to get away from the intense desert summer heat. Of course, one of the first destinations on that list this year was Greece but we did not realize how hot it was going to be. Out of all 20 cities we got to explore throughout Europe this year, we found Greece to have been one of the hottest, but with so many new excursions planned, we didn’t allow that to deter our adventurous spirit from exploring as much as we could for the six days we were there. Santorini was, of course, one of the top locations we wanted to visit, as well as Crete, Athens, and even some of the not-so-well-known spots, like Nafplion, Corfu, and Argostoli, a town on the island of Kefalonia. Argostoli is such a small colorful, quiet little town with some of the friendliest shop owners that we came across. However, although this little town of Argostoli was hot and humid, it offered a much cooler breeze in the shade which was hardly the case in other places.