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Ironically, the year we decided to make our way back to Europe to travel to some of our always-wanted-to-visit places on our unofficial wish list, most of the country was experiencing one of the most uncharacteristically hottest sizzling summers in the history of man. Unlike many people who seek out beach destinations for the summer, we do the complete opposite; we flee and seek refuge in much cooler places to get away from the intense desert summer heat. Of course, one of the first destinations on that list this year was Greece but we did not realize how hot it was going to be. Out of all 20 cities we got to explore throughout Europe this year, we found Greece to have been one of the hottest, but with so many new excursions planned, we didn’t allow that to deter our adventurous spirit from exploring as much as we could for the six days we were there. Santorini was, of course, one of the top locations we wanted to visit, as well as Crete, Athens, and even some of the not-so-well-known spots, like Nafplion, Corfu, and Argostoli, a town on the island of Kefalonia. Argostoli is such a small colorful, quiet little town with some of the friendliest shop owners that we came across. However, although this little town of Argostoli was hot and humid, it offered a much cooler breeze in the shade which was hardly the case in other places.



It sure is a perplexing mix of picturesque villages, old resorts, shops and cafes that stretch down the six-hundred-eighty-eight square kilometer south-west coast of Greece where the best sandy beaches predominate below forest-carpeted mountains offering spectacular views of this attractive island. Since it was pretty humid and we’re not really beach people, we spent more time exploring the shops, stopping at the local cafes for delectable drinks and bites with very minimal sightseeing. However, for a low-key day of exploring, I’d suggest the following:

Must-dos and sees:

Visit the Historical and Folk Museum that depicts the history of the island from the early 15th century onward. Just a quick tidbit about this little island is that it was severely damaged by German bombing during WWII in 1943, but even more so after a large earthquake in 1953. Most buildings that were left standing were torn to the ground, prompting an island-wide rebuild.

The Bell Tower, which was rebuilt in 1985 and houses the original town clock is something to see.

But for me the most fun was wandering the streets, perusing through the small shops featuring local goods and some of the most beautiful linen clothing and great leather goods at a much lower price than you’d get in Italy. I may or may not have scored some great pieces while there.

If your style of much-needed relaxation is to park yourself on the beach, then head southwest of the city center to enjoy quiet time at one of the area’s many beaches.

Where to Stay:

Favorite spot Kefalonia Grand Luxury Boutique Hotel – is definitely the place to stay. Think amazing ocean views, great modern chic ambiance with a lovely patio to catch the breeze from the ocean right across the street. Even if you’re not staying at the hotel, I’d highly recommend it as a spot to go for a drink. It’s that lovely and you get great service there too! Which to me enhances a great vacation experience.kefalonia-argostoli-greece-island-summer2019-europetrip2019-kefaloniagrandluxury-boutique-hotelkefalonia-argostoli-greece-island-summer2019-europetrip2019-kefaloniagrandluxury-boutique-hotel



What about you guys? Do you have any favorite spots you'd recommend I should check out on our next visit there?

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