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Venice was always one of the destinations at the top of our bucket list. When we were planning our summer getaway this year, we knew it had to be included in the schedule of places to visit, even if it was just to spend a day there. When it was 'officially' on our itinerary, I could not be more excited to get there! Visiting a city as distinctive as Venice was one of the most exciting parts of our adventures this summer.


Since we only had a day, we decided to explore the city in the best way possible and that is through its food. Embarking on a guided food tour on foot allowed us to experience Venice as if we were locals. Strolling through the narrow streets of a city that is sitting on the water and over several of their four hundred charming bridges lead us to one eating stop after another. It was magnificent! One great tip I learned when it comes to drinking an Aperol Spritz Venetian style, is to serve it with an olive, like a martini. It gives a completely different flavor to the palate. That was an Aha! moment for me there. But I will skip the traditional Campari addition to mine though.


What made the experience even more endearing was the fact that many parts of Venice reminded us of being in NYC – our little tiny Manhattan island. From the bridges over the canals to the restaurants and cafes along the Grand Canal, where you can sit and savor a bite to eat or drink a cup of cappuccino while people watching and taking in beautiful scenery was like being home.



For the final stretch of our food tour, our guide ended it on a sweet note at the tiniest gelato place near another bridge and canal. I think he planned ahead because upon arriving, the gentleman behind the counter seems to have been expecting us and asked me which flavors I wanted. I chose stracciatella and this other new flavor a lady waiting online suggested that I sadly can’t remember right now. Sheesh! Old age… He evidently planned on giving me only two small scoops in a tiny cup, but unbeknownst to me, I chose the waffle cone which I could see sort of rattled him a little bit. So, when he scooped in my two little helpings, they completely disappeared into the cone and started melting pretty much the second I stepped out from the gelateria into the extremely hot and humid air. And in true form, I photograph things as they actually are in my life as a way for me to remember them and never solely for Instagram. Thus, the reason why I call it in my recent Instastories my “IRL non-instagrammable worthy Venetian Italian Gelato photo moment.”


Arguably one of the most well-known spectacles in the world is the Grand Canal. Just about a half-mile away from the city center lies Venice’s main water thoroughfare and for obvious reasons, a popular tourist destination where one can enjoy the age-old tradition of a gondola tour and experience Venice from a different point of view. However, after hours of exploring and eating our way through Venice on foot, the heat and humidity got the better of us and we decided to skip our gondola ride. We decided to rest our feet (before headed back to our hotel for a good soak before dinner reservation) by sitting at a restaurant close to one of the canals and did more people watching while we sipped on another refreshing Aperol Spritz since each restaurant seems to put their own unique spin on the drink, which keeps it interesting (sometimes not in a good way).



Venice, Italy is another one of those European cities that is hard to properly describe in words. The photos give only a tiny idea of how dreamy of a place it is but for sure don’t do it justice. It’s one of the most romantic cities in the world with incredible picturesque scenery, stunning architecture and classic artwork at every turn. In fact, it was often popularly called the “Republic of Music.” Important instrumental lute and organ music was written in Venice. Venice developed a distinctive tradition of opera music and its Teatro Tron was the first opera house ever open to the public. The best-known opera house in Venice and one of the most famous in the world is La Fenice, built-in 1786. The theater hosts many of the musical events for the Venice Biennale, a running festival of art, music, architecture, dance, cinema, and music.



Seeing Venice was a dream come true as it has been a place that I longed to see for quite some time. More than a day in Venice is needed to really experience all of what it offers. It was one of the few places that did not disappoint and surpassed my expectations. I cannot wait to go back to visit again and do some of the things we didn’t get to do this time around.


On my list of things to do next time are:

~ Enjoy a gondola tour and experience Venice on the canals

~ Spend more time exploring the Palazzo Ducale

~ See an intimate opera at the Musica A Palazzo

~ Take in the incredible views from the Campanile di San Marco and explore the islands that lie just between Venice and the Adriatic Sea in La Laguna.

~ Marvel at the collection of Venetian art at Gallerie dell’Accademia

For some chic Shop at:

~ Rialto Bridge and Piazza San Marco which I didn’t get to fully enjoy this time.

Eat at:

~ Harry’s Bar which is known as the birthplace of the Bellini and the former hangout of celebrities like Ernest Hemingway and Peggy Guggenheim.

~ Hotel Cipriani Restaurant where my old-fashioned charm and elegance are more than mere fantasy.

~ Met 2 Michelin star restaurant to enjoy one of my favorite ways to dine - an eight-course tasting menu. Reminds me of one of my favorite sayings: “Taste everything, eat nothing.” rule.
I simply cannot wait! 

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