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the details that make a house a home


Since moving into our house two years ago, we have done some major updates such as our kitchen renovationthe entryway, our courtyard, our front yard, the living room, and dining room (yet to be shared - coming soon). But there are still a bunch of areas of the house we still have to tackle before it completely reflects us and feels like home. For instance, our master bedroom and bathroom suite, our guest bathroom, our backyard, our fourth bedroom, and the list go on. Another one of those areas was this corner niche space at the end of our hallway near our offices. It was so drab and depressing and was a smaller project that I wanted to tackle for a while. The seasonal change and cooler temps finally gave me the energy boost needed to tackle this space, at last, a couple of weeks ago. By simply swapping a few things here and there, this little corner instantly went from feeling flat to feeling fresh, cozy, and homey.


new fall season skincare secrets



With a new season comes a necessary tweak to our skincare routine to keep it well hydrated, plump and bright. In general, I grew up with good skin but I think it was mostly because I had a mother who taught me the importance of taking care of your skin by keeping it well moisturized instead of concentrating on the application of makeup. So I grew up keeping things simple and have always embraced the less is more approach in the way I take care of mine. I feel in the quest of achieving 'perfect' skin, many times we can become overly aggressive in our skincare routine when all we need is to protect the outer layer that does all the hard work. For this reason, I rarely stick to one complete line of products when it comes to my skincare as I periodically re-evaluate my needs and switch out and/or add new products, especially with each new season, to help maintain great healthy and glowy youthful skin. Recently, I was sent a few products from Lexli to try out and after several weeks of incorporating them into my skincare routine, I was happy to find some newfound favorites that addressed some of my problem areas right on time before the harsh winter months.