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The art of hosting stress-free dinner parties with style

5 ways-to-host-a-thanksgiving-holiday-dinner-party-with-style

While I enjoy special nights going out to eat at a few of our favorite restaurants, I equally love to recreate that intimate experience at my own home. What better way to share a meal and really enjoy each other’s company than to host cozy dinners at home? 


Our Dining Room Reveal


Even though we gave this once used as a "family/TV room" (by the previous homeowner) its makeover into a dining room back in November 2017, I never got to share what it looked like before because I always felt it's not completely done exactly how I want it. For one, I'd love to blow out the back sliding doors and the window next to it and combine them into large french doors with black iron frames that open up to the backyard. It's also my dream to change all the windows and the flooring throughout along with the rug that's currently under the dining table. I'd like a couple of these for head chairs. However, since I've shared some bits and pieces of this room on Instagram, I thought it was about time I finally did a dining room reveal of some of the changes we made thus far.