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I don't know about you, but I find it so surreal that we’re ending a whole decade! The idea of being ten years older alone makes me cringe. This really solidifies the sobering truthfulness of how time waits for no one. Reflecting on 2019 makes me realize how it's been a strange year: hopeful in the first few months, sneakily dreadful midway with an eventfully quiet ending which I'm grateful for. It will always be the year that completely mangled my overly genuine heart in a way I never thought possible with my perception of people, how I love, and trust and giving selflessly forever altered. It was not short of trying situations, disappointing revelations, plenty of emotional anguish, and defeat. While those times were extremely difficult to navigate through, what I can say is that despite those dark periods where I experienced the lowest of lows, it's during such times I experienced the most growth. One thing is for certain, 2019 was truly a 'coming into my own' kind of year on a whole other level. 




I fully expect in the voyage on the sea of life, stormy weather is inevitable and during the worst storms of your life, that's when you get to see the true colors of the people who say they care about you. One of the most eye-opening things I came to grievously accept is how some people can manipulate, lie, treat you badly and somehow manage to make it all seem like you're the bad egg. True, the lessons may be hard, the sufferings great but, I survived it all and remained firm with my feet planted on the ground with the help of my God. And thankfully, even though I weathered (the operative word here is weathered...) some bad times in this season of my life, there was an equal amount of experiencing the most beautiful rainbows and rays of sunshine through those dark clouds - leaving me with some really amazing memories to keep me smiling. I got to dance in the rainstorm so-to-speak. For one thing, I got to see more of the world together with the hubby than ever before and ended the summer such high notes. The takeaway is there are blessings despite the storms. 





It is my prayer that the old negative energy is clearing out and that all difficulties die along with 2019. Meanwhile, in 2020, my main goal is to work on shedding some weight. I don't mean in pounds, (although very necessary as well), but shedding emotional baggage to create mental space for more important things. Important things like reading my Bible in the morning before doing anything else, living my life more mindfully in slow motion and cultivate more patience. The kind that can endure without any thought of retaliation, putting up with difficult circumstances without losing hope, while maintaining a positive attitude. The art of life lies in a constant readjustment from what we learn. So, for now, I'm determined to stay firmly planted and remaining steadfast no matter what may come my way which isn't easy but I hope to greatly improve by the end of 2020. Here's to a season of three-hundred-sixty-five days of newness to building back up putting all of those pieces together. 

What are your goals? I'd love to hear!


2019 Best Beauty Buys


I’m still in denial that there's only one more day left to 2019 and how behind I still am at producing this 2019 best beauty buys post that I started working on so long ago. I'm sooo not a last minute individual but the velocity of time these days coupled with a very tight schedule has kept punctual posting such an elusive task for me this past couple of years. Anyhow, this is the time I normally take a moment to reflect back and gather all the beauty product purchases I made in the year to pick out my most beloved ones that I notice improved my skin and hair dramatically. I really couldn't tell until lately, when every other person has been complimenting me more than ever before on how radiant and great my skin and hair look. If achieving shinier nourished hair and smoother, younger, hydrated, and radiant glowy skin is one of the things on your 2020 resolution list... look no further, here are my top 2019 best beauty buys that I highly suggest trying out to help you realize that goal. You're welcome!


Accept Life As It Is

accept-life-as-it-is-be-at-ease-with-what-is-aldo-two-toned-animal-print-shoes-Aldo Eladrielia

Right here, right now - not as we think it should be or resenting someone else's perceived "best life." Don't waste precious time and energy on what doesn't seem to be right or fair in life. Realistically, we have to recognize that in this imperfect world, those who have great ability do not always receive recognition and those with less ability sometimes are more connected thus, receive more honor. To be real, I'm writing about this particular topic of accepting life as it is because it's something that I more often than not struggle with. For someone who has been hustling extremely hard for close to over three decades from working in Corporate America on wall street, to working in retail, started a freelance business in interior design, fashion and now, lifestyle coaching selflessly helping others to improve their lives, I can wholeheartedly attest that it's rare that great talent, abilities, good deeds and hard work in themselves guarantee recognition or "success." In fact, today, those less qualified are put in positions or given the opportunities, while individuals who are hard workers or more capable go unrecognized. It's amazing though how accepting that reality rather than to be obsessed with such negative circumstances helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Such mindfulness serves as a goad to stop us from worrying about the small, meaningless stresses in life and reminds us that happiness is not based on power, prestige or possessions, but directly connected to our faith and the important relationships that will last after everything else fails.


No Such Thing As Being Overdressed


We’re definitely one of those couples who are into dressing up for date nights, which sometimes includes a great night out on the town for a lovely dinner and a show. We often say how we were born in the wrong era, as our souls feel much more connected and at ease with bygone days when chivalry was a thing, people dressed up for occasions and had manners. Hence, our obsession with the era of dark, cozy speakeasies and movies such as The Great Gatsby, Midnight in Paris and Downton Abbey, for they take us back in time when people were effortlessly alluring.  One of the treasured lessons my mom instilled in me at a tender age in her short time in my life was the importance of being well-dressed and looking presentable at all times for every occasion. Her philosophy was whether you're going to the Doctor’s office, the farmer’s market or even flying on a plane, it doesn’t matter… you simply dress up. It shows respect not only for yourself but for others you meet. Then again, come to think of it, she was a child from that bygone era. Which would explain why I'm unashamed if I seem to be overdressed wherever I go. To me, there's no such thing as being overdressed. It has nothing to do with pretention, "narcissism", and/or vanity. It has to do with respecting oneself enough to present yourself well to the world because it does matter. I believe your attire not only shows who you are, but it also has a bearing on how you behave and definitely in how you get treated too. And it doesn't hurt that it makes a HUGE difference in how good it makes you feel about yourself.