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2019 Best Beauty Buys


I’m still in denial that there's only one more day left to 2019 and how behind I still am at producing this 2019 best beauty buys post that I started working on so long ago. I'm sooo not a last minute individual but the velocity of time these days coupled with a very tight schedule has kept punctual posting such an elusive task for me this past couple of years. Anyhow, this is the time I normally take a moment to reflect back and gather all the beauty product purchases I made in the year to pick out my most beloved ones that I notice improved my skin and hair dramatically. I really couldn't tell until lately, when every other person has been complimenting me more than ever before on how radiant and great my skin and hair look. If achieving shinier nourished hair and smoother, younger, hydrated, and radiant glowy skin is one of the things on your 2020 resolution list... look no further, here are my top 2019 best beauty buys that I highly suggest trying out to help you realize that goal. You're welcome!
The rose quartz facial roller massager! I've been using this amazing little beauty tool for a couple of years now, so it's really not a 2019 purchase but I had to add it simply because it's that great. In the beginning, when I first purchased one, I was skeptical as to whether or not it really worked. However, I did enjoy the way it made my face feel afterward. For one, you definitely feel the blood flow under the skin which is one of the key components to having youthful skin since it helps to bring more oxygen to the cells and ultimately improve tone and texture by flushing out toxins. Now that some time has passed I definitely can see the difference in my skin. I keep my roller in the freezer, so it's a real awakening boost treat to the face after I apply my moisturizer in the morning. I plan on using it at night as well now in 2020.

This past anniversary the hubby treated me to this new-to-me Penhaligon's Eau de Parfum and I'm obsessed with the scent, not to mention the story behind the brand is particularly interesting and makes me feel even more special with every spritz.

I recently got into using face setting mist more regularly after applying my makeup. I think it took me this long to commit as I couldn't find one I was happy with until I went to pick up Kourtney Kardashian's Becca Glow Prime and Set Mist with the most refreshing summer scent! However, the sales associate veered me towards Morphe as a better purchase for its much budget-friendly price point plus, it has this wonderful cool, calming and refreshing scent to it also. And according to her, it's one of the most favorite buys by the beauty "influencers." 

Garnier Rose Micellar Cleansing Water is one I went back to for its gentle feel on the skin. It doesn't make my face feel dry nor irritates my skin. My trick though is I pour half of it in a smaller spritzer bottle and add a few drops of my favorite essential oils like almond and sandalwood for both an elevated experience and to help wipe away stubborn makeup with ease while nourishing the skin.

This Kiehl's daily reviving concentrate oil is nutrient-packed with ingredients like ginger root, sunflower and tamanu oils to help correct the visible appearance of skin fatigue and delivers instant moisturizing, supple-skin benefits. Full of natural brighteners, anti-oxidants all the essentials to glowing skin. And the citrus scent heightens that me-time self-care experience.

Over the summer, I decided to stop blow drying and flat ironing my hair and go natural which is by no means an easy feat. The struggle has been real, meaning it has been a difficult transition finding out what type of hair I have, what kind of products would be best suited to keep it well-nourished, moisturized and stop it from splitting and breaking off. Even though I'm still in a process of product elimination but thus far, I'm hooked on this Shea Moisture Leave-In Treatment and this Curls Creme Brulee Whipped Cream. They're my holy grail for keeping my natural curls nourished, deeply moisturized and shiny without the frizz. 

Bye Bye Under Eye Cream is also another product I've been hooked on for a couple of years now and couldn't leave out on this list. The result of my under eye appearance is all I needed to see to believe that this product was going to be a must-have in my beauty arsenal. Ever since I've been using it, I can see a marked improvement in the reduction of fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness. I also love how lightweight and hydrating it is without being greasy. And since a small amount goes a long way, the jar lasts me a really long time.

After numerous years of using face cleansers with either some kind of microbeads or some type of charcoal foaming cleanser in them, I decided that I'm ending the year with a better face cleansing routine by trying cream cleansers - the much better way of cleansing the face. Well, while standing on line to make a return at Sephora, I accidentally spotted this wonderful Superfood Gel Face Cleanser The soothing look of the liquid in the bottle and the great ingredients it consisted of, things like kale + green tea spinach vitamins, started me on my goal a lot sooner than anticipated. I used it for the first time about a day ago and oh WOW! It was instantly a life changing experience for me. I love love how smoothly it goes on and how kind it feels on the skin. I applied it to my face right after I used the micellar water (fourth item up top) and gently massaged it all over my face for about a minute or so to help stimulate the facial muscles and break down all the makeup and dirt on the skin. Then I used my makeup removing cloth to remove everything off before rinsing. The skin is left exceptionally soft, smooth and definitely better prepared for the application of my serums and creams.

As I previously mentioned (in the sixth item up above), I went natural over the summer and one of the items I found out was crucial in stimulating hair growth and cleansing the scalp properly was to use a Scalp Massager which I have to say, I've grown to love. Just the tingling feeling of blood flow movement under the scalp afterward makes me a believer already. But I have a feeling this is going to be a long journey and I'm praying for patience because I'd like to see the end result. 

I've been a die-hard fan of these Essie Gel Polishes for a couple of years now, but I just recently discovered their Here To Stay Basecoat and the Essie Gel Setter Top Coat. I'm so glad to have made this discovery because I love how my other non-gel shades can now look like I've gotten a gel manicure and it lasts so much longer than when I was using basic topcoats on my manicure.

Here's to a more glowy youthful you in 2020! 

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