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Accept Life As It Is

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Right here, right now - not as we think it should be or resenting someone else's perceived "best life." Don't waste precious time and energy on what doesn't seem to be right or fair in life. Realistically, we have to recognize that in this imperfect world, those who have great ability do not always receive recognition and those with less ability sometimes are more connected thus, receive more honor. To be real, I'm writing about this particular topic of accepting life as it is because it's something that I more often than not struggle with. For someone who has been hustling extremely hard for close to over three decades from working in Corporate America on wall street, to working in retail, started a freelance business in interior design, fashion and now, lifestyle coaching selflessly helping others to improve their lives, I can wholeheartedly attest that it's rare that great talent, abilities, good deeds and hard work in themselves guarantee recognition or "success." In fact, today, those less qualified are put in positions or given the opportunities, while individuals who are hard workers or more capable go unrecognized. It's amazing though how accepting that reality rather than to be obsessed with such negative circumstances helps to reduce stress and anxiety. Such mindfulness serves as a goad to stop us from worrying about the small, meaningless stresses in life and reminds us that happiness is not based on power, prestige or possessions, but directly connected to our faith and the important relationships that will last after everything else fails.

The idea of accepting life as it is to some might defy the cult of "hustlers." And for that reason, I can't think of a better motive to set reasonable standards for oneself in order to avoid the pitfall of feeling pressured to do or to chase after what other people are doing or might think is a fulfilling life. It reminds me of what Bertolt Brecht once said, "Everyone chases after happiness, not noticing that happiness is right at their heels." Meaning, happiness is accepting life as it is in its simplest form as opposed to chasing after what we do not have or cannot control. Such a simple and sensible concept - being at ease with what is, seems so much more difficult to accept in real life. But having that kind of mindset will reduce stress all around and even encourage greater success.

Let's do this exercise together. Look in the mirror and ask yourself, why can't I or why won't I accept my life as it is? Note your thoughts, feelings, and make a record of them. By becoming more aware of your response as to why, it may be able to help deal with life as it is more effectively. 

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