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No Such Thing As Being Overdressed


We’re definitely one of those couples who are into dressing up for date nights, which sometimes includes a great night out on the town for a lovely dinner and a show. We often say how we were born in the wrong era, as our souls feel much more connected and at ease with bygone days when chivalry was a thing, people dressed up for occasions and had manners. Hence, our obsession with the era of dark, cozy speakeasies and movies such as The Great Gatsby, Midnight in Paris and Downton Abbey, for they take us back in time when people were effortlessly alluring.  One of the treasured lessons my mom instilled in me at a tender age in her short time in my life was the importance of being well-dressed and looking presentable at all times for every occasion. Her philosophy was whether you're going to the Doctor’s office, the farmer’s market or even flying on a plane, it doesn’t matter… you simply dress up. It shows respect not only for yourself but for others you meet. Then again, come to think of it, she was a child from that bygone era. Which would explain why I'm unashamed if I seem to be overdressed wherever I go. To me, there's no such thing as being overdressed. It has nothing to do with pretention, "narcissism", and/or vanity. It has to do with respecting oneself enough to present yourself well to the world because it does matter. I believe your attire not only shows who you are, but it also has a bearing on how you behave and definitely in how you get treated too. And it doesn't hurt that it makes a HUGE difference in how good it makes you feel about yourself.



Therefore, we love any good excuse to dress up. That’s why with each cruise we go on, we get super excited for the formal nights on the ship which we thoroughly enjoyed on our recent cruise. Like typical New Yorkers, we always schedule our dining room dinners prior to heading to the onboard theatre for a show and cocktails afterward. Consequently, throughout the year, I’m always on the lookout for great evening dresses for such said occasions. Given it’s Cyber Monday, I thought I’d surf the net to see if what kind of special pieces beckon my attention for these moments. I'm loving some of these options so far. I like how there's something for every occasion.cyber-monday-black-friday-sale-the-power-of-dressing-up-holland-america-cruise-formal-nights-on-the-sea


Cyber Monday Shopping Picks

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