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Master Bedroom Redesign Plan


As we have canceled all of our traveling plans this year (like so many others due to the circumstances in the world with the Covid-19 pandemic) and will be hunkering down at home, it’s time we turned our attention to the most important room of the house that we've had on the back burner – our master bedroom. It’s been three years now since we moved into our house and we have been slowly renovating one room at a time. So far, we have renovated the kitchen, the dining room, the living room, and our front courtyard. Now, we’re ready to transform our bedroom into a space that's more than merely a place to rest our heads, but rather into an intimate 'boutique hotel' vacation retreat with a cozy resort-like atmosphere that will take our minds off missing our annual summer escape this year.

Honestly, I’ve been so physically and mentally drained and exhausted from this lockdown crisis. Finding the energy to get going on a daily basis, hasn’t at all been easy. But right now the thrill of the hunt, sourcing out the few pieces for the master bedroom redesign plan is giving me much-needed motivation. The thought of finally bringing our vision to fruition and revamping this room into the resort life that we love so much is for sure softening the blow of staying put this year.

I draw a lot of inspiration from our travels and our favorite hotels. The Maker Hotel is what's currently serving as inspiration as it perfectly encapsulates the type of stylistic environment that brings us comfort. So here's a glimpse of what’s on the mood board for the room. The goal is to have the metamorphosis completed before summer begins. 

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