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10 daily rituals that's giving me good vibes

During these quarantine days of 2020, one of the most asked questions seems to be 'what has been helping you get through the days?' To be honest, the cultural shift with sheltering in lockdown didn't throw our working schedule off all that much from our every day, since both the hubby and I thankfully have been working from our home for many years now. But I'm not going to lie, much like everyone else, the sudden change of how the state of the world altered life as we once knew it, has surged an avalanche of emotions - ranging from waking up some days with a burst of energy getting things done to feeling tired and unmotivated. What has helped me the most is maintaining a routine. In general, I always rely on simple daily rituals that bring me joy to keep my spirits up but even more so now, especially in isolation.  So today, I'm finally answering that question by sharing my current list of 10 daily rituals that give me good vibes and keeps my mind engaged. 

Open Up The Windows
The first thing I do when I get out of bed is to glide from room to room and open up the curtains and shades to let the sunshine flood into the house. Getting to see that early morning light bouncing off different parts of the walls instantly boosts my mood. 

Turn On The Diffuser 
Having an amazingly scented environment is a must for me in my home. The aroma of favorite essential oil combos permeating the house creates such a positive and calming effect that just makes my heart flutter. I love my little diffuser. Currently, I'm combining this calming floral aroma with this mood soother.


Get Dressed
I've talked about this before. Just because you work at home or might not necessarily have some place to go does not mean you should stay in your pajamas all day. Getting myself dressed for the day helps me to feel energized and I also find that it increases my productivity level as well. What I put on depends on how I am feeling on any given day. I'll either slip into cozy loungewear, flowy dresses, or jeans and a blouse.


Drink Lemon Water
I have my cup of lemon water which is so refreshing for the first beverage of the day, while I make drip coffee for the hubby and tea for me (although these past several days I've been enjoying a cup of coffee too, instead of my usual cup of tea).



Carve Out Time To Meditate 
With my warm cup of bevy in hand, I then take the first hour of my day to sit, relax, pray, read my Bible, and meditate. This is the part of my day I consider most important as it gives me the best chance for feeling good all day - keeping the brain engaged and in the right mindset.

Upbeat Music
Turn on a Spotify favorite playlist. In the height of the pandemic horror, I put together a 'Good Vibes Groove' playlist on the days I need a natural energy boost. I hope it gets you going on the not-so-good-days.

 Doing What Makes Me Happy
Keeping inspired is key for me. During this stay at home and social distancing time, I started to feel like I was on autopilot which began to get depressing pretty quickly. Engaging in enjoyable activities such as decorating projects that have been neglected, creating, doing some diy's, and gardening gave me something to look forward to waking up for every day. There's nothing that brings me greater happiness than creating, decorating, and transforming spaces. Right now, the current project I can't wait to get done is our master bedroom I shared over a week ago. Sourcing and receiving the pieces to finish the space right now has definitely been one of the things giving me some good vibes at the moment.


Changing Scenery 
For me, that means going to a different part of the house that I've never fully enjoyed before. In fact, we spontaneously spent a quiet lovely picnic out in our backyard after a failed attempt to go to the lake where it's normally quiet but apparently, everyone else had a similar idea that day. I was not about to risk being under the canopy of anyone's microscopic droplets hanging over us sitting out by the water. So we ended up coming back to the house and enjoyed the fresh air of our own space as the hummingbirds came to inspect us back there. And it's amazing how even the act of laying down a pretty picnic blanket brings joy.


Fresh Cut Branches In Vases
These days we have been enjoying a lot more time out in the garden every chance we get. And since I've not ventured out much to Trader Joe's to get fresh flowers (due to the massive lines to get in), I've switched things up a bit by pruning our trees and using the fresh-cut branches in large vases around the house, which has brought such a different feel to the interior.

Curling Up On The Sofa 
Curling up time at the end of an exhausting day in front of a favorite ethereal film with the hubby.

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