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affordable summer staycation day dresses to live in all season


With summer lurking around the immediate corner and the pandemic causing us to cancel our vacation for the year, I'm hoping to create that relaxed vacation vibe at home with a few strategic choices to boost my mood. And that includes but not limited to finding some good affordable summer staycation day dresses to live in all season. It’s not a secret that summer is one of my least favorite seasons unless I’m somewhere where the maximum temps are in the high 70s to low 80s with a breeze. Preferably ocean breeze. Otherwise, I go into complete seclusion like a hermit crab. And right now in the era of this sheltering in place amidst this horrific pandemic - any extra hibernation during the height of the summer heat might make me go rogue. 

For this "special" summer year at home, I’m dreaming of easy, flowy day dresses, comfy slip-on sandals, wide-brim hats, cool sunglasses, sitting under an umbrella in our backyard with my favorite summer books and/or magazines, and a refreshing pitcher of Aperol spritz in the late afternoons to keep me from going stir crazy being cooped up inside. This is where pretending to be on vacation is acceptable in my book. 

The hubby and I have already had our first picnic in the backyard last weekend. I must say it was pretty relaxing and got to see our backyard in a whole different light. I’m hoping this year we can incorporate other fun outdoor activities in the yard like summer grilling (something we've never done), and movie nights under the stars if the budget allows for us to get a projector this yearWe shall see. 

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