Hello and welcome,

My name is Rebecca, also known as"The Fashionista”, a name my friends called me, which I've penned as "DaFashionista."

Over the years, I’ve worn many hats,starting out in the corporate world and then transitioning into the medical field while simultaneously doing freelance work as a designer/decorator, personal shopper, organizer and fashion stylist.

As an assistant designer at the Home Depot Expo Design Center, I helped interior decorators curate finishing details and even prepped for photo shoots for Homes and Gardens magazine. I worked as a window dresser at a consignment shop in Syosset Long Island, where much of the wardrobe from the crew of Dawson's Creek landed. Imagine how elated I was sorting through those pieces! Prior to that, I worked as a window dresser for a well-known retailer on Long Island, NY. The position included occasional modeling for their petite suits. I wish I still had that VHS tape my manager gave me. (Yes, I said VHS tape. That's how long ago it’s been). I guess I can technically say I'm a model. HA! 

Thereafter, I went back to my first love and began my own freelance interior design and personal fashion shopper and consigner company for several years, until we moved out of state to Henderson, NV - where eventually this blog was born.

I carved out this corner space of the Internet back in the summer of 2010 to help revive my spirit back to a place where I felt creatively motivated again. With my husband’s encouragement and suggestion, I started Beckabella Style Inspirations (which was then known as "Keeping Up With DaFashionista"). This internet space has been a great means to quiet the negative noise in my head by visually chronicling things that I'm passionate about: from beautiful home design, great fashion, fine cuisine, entertaining, traveling and DIY - with a little bit of my personal life's experience thrown in. 

I've always been my happiest when I’m surrounded by beautiful things, good food and great people. As you click through the blog, you'll notice that I have an eclectic flair that is full of personality. Furthermore, I wanted to have an avenue where I could connect and build relationships with like-minded people.

This blog has truly been a labor of love that has helped to keep me focused on the more positive, beautiful things in life - one morsel at a time. I don't believe you have to be rich to live well and enjoy life to the full. Life was meant to live and enjoy fully by everyone no matter his or her status. It is my wish that this creative outlet I’ve crafted over the years, showcases that ethos and capsulizes all of my inspirations into something others can be inspired and motivated by to live beautifully.

Thank you so much for reading and for your support.