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I always feel excited and honored every time I get questions from readers. However, I don't always get to those questions quickly enough due to constantly being under a time crunch. I thought to facilitate things in a timely fashion, it'd be best to create a short list of answers to the most commonly asked questions that I've received.

May I use pictures on your website?
Yes, you may use photographs on my website, but the only thing I ask, is to please make sure to link them back to my blog as my images are all copyrighted.

How can we collaborate with you?
First and foremost, I only collaborate with companies/brands that are well-matched to my blog. If you fit this description, please 
email me your specific request and I will consider it.

What's the price for a blogspot/advertising with one link in it?
Pricing is determined on a case-by-case basis. Again, the brand must fit well with the blog to be considered. If it does, please 
email me your request.

What's your policy working with companies/brands?
Thank you in advance for your interest in advertising on my blog. It all depends on what you're looking to advertise on the site. What is the link about? I only feature {or} partner up with products/brands that I feel passionate about, and of course that fits well with my website. Also, I always need a detailed request via email in order for me to have a good understanding of your brand and what you're interested in advertising.

Can you help me identify a designer? 
As much as I would like to help find fashion designer names. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to track down that kind of information. When I do fashion posts, I always try my best to list the brand names (If available/have it) with the links of where to acquire it under each item. Thank you for your understanding.